Year at-a-Glance: 2021

Taking a cue from our popular newsletter Week at-a-Glance, we thought we'd take a look ahead at the various major events tentatively scheduled for 2021 and which months we're looking at hosting them.

Please note: These events are not set in stone and we will not be updating this list frequently. This is just to help you in planning out your year with the Travis GOP. We hope to see you at any or all of these events! Please check the Travis GOP Events calendar for any and all confirmed event dates an details when announced.

February: Chairman's Cirlce with Texas Atty. Gen. Ken Paxton

March: Chairman's Circle with U.S. Rep. Chip Roy

April: Chairman's Circle with special guest from Trump Administration (tentative) | GOP Golf Tourney

May: Chairman's Circle with Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick

June: GOP Girls & Guns (if venue allows)

August: GOP Girls & Guns (if venue allows)

September: Labor Day Weekend GOP Golf Tourney | TCRP Reagan Gala

October: GOP Girls & Guns

November: Chairman's Circle event | Donor Thank-You Reception

December: TCRP Annual Christmas Party

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