Become a Voter Deputy Registrar

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What's a Voter Deputy Registrar (or VDR for short), and why is that any different than just handing someone a voter application?

Becoming a VDR allows you to officially accept those applications (cut out the middle-man), assist those with disabilities in filling out or updating the forms, and other perks that allow you to easily process a large number of voter registrations. 

A major part of our strategy this year will be in registering new GOP voters. About 100 people move to the Austin area each day, so let's make sure each and every conservative is registered to vote!

A special Voter Deputy Registrar (VDR) Training is set to take place prior to our February Executive Committee meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 19 from 6 to 7 p.m. at Central Christian Church's fellowship hall. 

UPDATE: Other events hosted by Travis County are throughout the year. Check our Events calendar for other opportunities as announced.


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