Tailgating TCRP-style! Conventions set to reconvene

SD 14 Temporary Chairman Olga Lasher says convention can wait from the 'gate!

In order to comply with city, county, and state orders to contain coronavirus/COVID-19, the temporary chairmen of each Senatorial District convention in Travis County got resourceful.

Utilizing a pickup tailgate in the parking lot of Great Hills Baptist Church, each chairman quickly called their respective conventions to order and reconvened.

UPDATE: since county and city regulations still discourage gathering in large numbers, temporary convention chairmen will again meet briefly on May 30. No delegates or alternates are required to attend. The final convention date, and any updates on committee meetings and other business before the county convention will be announced here. We are currently looking at Saturday, June 27, 2020, as a likely date for the full convention.

The reason this is having to be done: orders to limit public gatherings to 10 persons or less happened within the time-frame required to announce the convention. So the previously ordered time and location had to be used. Since Great Hills was closed, Austinites did what we know how to do well during college football season and we tailgated it in the parking lot. 

Watch a video of the tailgate convention adjournment here via Facebook.

It's not the first time we've used a tailgate for county convention. In 2012, Senatorial District 14 expended its allotted time in Hyde Park Baptist Church's sanctuary with plenty of business left to cover. Chairman Bill Crocker moved the convention to the church's parking garage, where business took place until late in the evening by use of a megaphone and a tailgate.

Below are some photos of the reconvening tailgate party!


SD 24 Temporary Chairman Jerri Lynn Ward puts today's business to bed ... the bed of a pickup, anyway.

Temporary Chairman Richard Reeves adjourns the SD 21 convention for May 30.

SD 25 Temporary Chairman Liz Garza opted not to use the tailgate but got the job done.

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