Speaker election reform resolution passes


The following is the resolution that passed via a show of hands at the September Travis County GOP Executive Committee meeting. It is posted as submitted with no edits. 

Texas Speaker Reform Resolution
Approved Sept. 12, 2017

Resolution concerning Texas House Speaker and reform of Texas Speaker election process:

Whereas, The Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives is one of the most powerful and influential officials in the State of Texas, and the current Speaker of the House has publicly stated that his constituency is not the people of Texas; and

Whereas, under the rules of the House of Representatives, the Speaker appoints committee members and committee chairmen, who then owe their positions to the Speaker; and of the forty House committee chairmen appointed by the Speaker, fourteen are chaired by Democrats and twenty-one are chaired by the least conservative Republicans, according to the Rice University Study, with none scoring in the top twenty most conservative; and

Whereas, the Speaker assigns bills to committees and is thus able to control which bills come to a vote and which do not through his influence over committees, chairmen and the legislative process, and very few conservative bills ever make it to the floor of the House for a vote, being stopped in committee, stalled in the notorious Calendars Committee, or diluted in committee markup; and

Whereas, the Speaker has through such dilatory and obstructionist means, consistently denied the House the opportunity to act decisively upon conservative policies supported by Texas voters, and the platform and priorities of the Republican Party of Texas; and

Whereas, the Republican Party of Texas 2016 platform calls for reform in nominating and electing the Texas House Speaker, stating: “We oppose the use of pledge cards and call for the Republican members to caucus after each November general election to determine by secure secret ballot, their candidate for Speaker. We also call for the Republican members to vote as a unified body for their selected Speaker candidate when the legislature convenes in regular session.”

Therefore, BE IT RESOLVED, We call on Texas House Republicans to change the Texas House Speakership due to non-support of the Republican Party of Texas platform by the current Texas House Speaker.

We further call on Texas House Republicans to nominate and elect the Texas House Speaker consistent with RPT 2016 platform plank 70: Reject and refuse pledges; conduct a Republican House caucus meeting following each general election to elect a Republican Texas House Speaker nominee via secret ballot; and vote in the legislature as a unified body for that nominee.

We further call on Texas House Republicans to only support, nominate and elect Texas House Speaker candidates and Speakers who support the platform and principles of the Republican Party of Texas.

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