Your chance to be up close and personal with Sean Spicer


Thank you! We had a fantastic private luncheon at the Headliners Club and a tremendous evening reception, especially with the rain staying away! We had over 150 people in the home of Matt and Suzanne Mackowiak and we sold all 250 books. We pulled this event together in 13 days since our wildly successful Summer Bash with Dinesh D’Souza was held two weeks ago with more than 400 people (!) in attendance. Now on to the November election ...

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"On Friday, Sept. 7, TCRP was honored to host former Trump White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer for two events in Austin to benefit our party.

At noon, Sean headlined a private lunch for our Chairman's Circle members at Headliners Club.

In the evening, Suzanne and I were honored to host Sean in their home for a book party.

Our Sustainers were invited to a private reception at 4 p.m. to reward their monthly financial contributions to TCRP.

Our Host Committee then had a photo line and private book signing. We appreciate our co-hosts: John & Cornelia Wood and all of the members of the Host Committee: Ron & Carolyn Agnew, Dave Beckwith, Jordan Berry, April Bliss, Brooke Bred, Jessica Browning, Cody Carr, Madeleine Connor, Eduardo Contreras, Al & Barbara Cox, Gerald Daugherty, James Dickey, William Earnest, Kent & Elise Grusendorf, Renny Hellickson, Chris Hosek, Rusty Kelley, Todd Kercheval, James King, Destiny Lewhew-Collins, Spencer Maier, Matt & Stephanie Matthews, Gean Oliphint, Kevin Pakenham, Brian & Ronna Robbins, Doug Miller, Fritz Reining, WIlliam Robinson, Rudi Rosengarten, Avik Roy, Mary Lou Serafine, A.B. & Elizabeth Walters and Ash & Patty Wright.

Finally the general reception began, with my introduction of our guest and opening remarks from Sean and then 20 minutes of Q&A.

By the end of it, we brought in nearly $15k in revenue in less than two weeks, had 150+ people attend and sold out all 250 books!

Thank you to Lauren Day, Gary Teal, Elise Grusendorf, Cornelia Wood and Andy Hogue for their incredible work on this event.

I want to personally thank all our our wonderful volunteers, including Madison Huerta, Brian Schwaegel, Brittany Eck, Nick Allen, Zach Hundt and everyone else! Edward Hauser was a godsend and contributed so much.

It was a great night!

--Matt Mackowiak, Chairman."



* * *

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Meet former White House Press Secretary and best-selling author Sean Spicer on Friday, September 7, 2018.

Sean's new book, The Briefing, is a New York Times bestseller.

Guests will receive a personally signed book, while enjoying light bites and drinks.

Early Bird prices are available through Friday, Aug. 31, at 11:59 p.m. (CDT).

The Host Committee is invited to arrive early for a private cocktail reception and photo with our special guest. Photos are ONLY available at this level.

Valet parking is included with all tickets.

Proceeds will benefit the Travis County GOP.


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