Missing money, skipped deadlines in Third Court of Appeals Democrat's paperwork

A freshman Democratic appeals court justice may have touted his experience in the courtroom when running against a bench full of experienced and capable incumbent Republican Third Court of Appeals Justices.

But Justice Thomas Baker's experience in running a campaign apparently has much to be desired -- this according to several inconsistencies discovered in his legally required campaign finance paperwork.

Travis County Republican Party Chairman Matt Mackowiak filed a sworn complaint on Tuesday, Aug. 13, noting the numerous errors and miscalculations uncovered.

"When considering the complicated nature of his profession and researching caselaw, how can we expect Justice Baker to issue competent rulings if he cannot file accurate campaign finance reports?" said Matt Mackowiak, Chairman of the Travis County Republican Party. "The problems we discovered are indicative of mismanagement and could foreshadow ethical problems. The voters of Texas demand better out of our elected jurists."

See our full press release here.

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