'Reliable taxpayer champion' Troxclair announces intent to not seek re-election to Austin City Council

AUSTIN -- District 8 Austin City Council member Ellen Troxclair announced this afternoon her decision to not seek re-election. 

The following statement is from
Matt Mackowiak, Chairman of the Travis County Republican Party:

"Council Member Ellen Troxclair has been a dedicated public servant and a reliable taxpayer champion on the Austin City Council and her leadership will be sorely missed. Her consistent efforts to advance fiscal responsibility, address rising property taxes, reduce wasteful spending, and extend the Homestead Exemption have been deeply appreciated by all Republicans. We thank her for her incredible service these past four years and wish her very well as she supports her growing family and returns to to private sector. We know her future is bright."
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Austin's latest Sanctuary City stunt to cost taxpayers, put citizens at risk

AUSTIN -- The City of Austin's latest use of taxpayer resources to protest the Trump Administration, Gov. Greg Abbott, and the will of the voters of Texas is not only an exercise in futility but a risky policy that puts Austinites in danger.
The Austin City Council last week approved two so-called "Freedom City" resolutions which defy Gov. Abbott's and the Texas Legislature's ban on sanctuary cities. The resolutions instruct Austin Police Department personnel to refrain from arresting members of racial minority groups for drug possession and theft. The thought behind the new law, according to radical leftist Austin City Council member Greg Casar, is to keep more illegal immigrants out of jail.
The newly approved resolutions further require APD officials to slow down requests from federal immigration authorities by adding unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles. This comes as no surprise as Austin has been, at city taxpayers' expense, suing the federal government to overturn portions of Senate Bill 4 (last year's legislative bill banning Sanctuary Cities).
"How many lives will be put at risk and how much will be spent on futile lawsuits before the Texas Legislature meets to shut down this ill-conceived City of Austin policy?" said Matt Mackowiak, Chairman of the Travis County Republican Party. "Our safety must come before political posturing. We call upon Council member Greg Casar and other supporters of this impractical policy to work to come up with a more realistic, less costly solution which does not tie the hands of our law enforcement community and which respects the rule of law."
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CORRECTION: A previous version reported that the City Council unanimously approved the resolutions. City Council member Ellen Troxclair told us she did not vote for the resolutions as she is on maternity leave and was not present for that particular vote. The word "unanimous" has been removed.

Convention information

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Mackowiak: Justice of the Peace court should not be a 'personal platform for liberal politics'

AUSTIN  Republican nominee for Travis County Justice of the Peace Precinct 3 Martin Harry released a list of ethics grievances against his Democrat opponent Sylvia Holmes this morning. Said Matt Mackowiak, Chairman of the Travis County Republican Party:
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Travis GOP Primary candidates to stand unified Wednesday

AUSTIN -- The Travis County Republican Party wastes no time in its efforts to elect as many Republicans as possible.

Immediately after the March 6 primary, candidates appearing on Travis County Republican Primary ballots -- win or lose -- will stand together to pledge their mutual support for the local GOP slate in November. The Unity Press Conference is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, March 7, at Republican Party of Texas headquarters (211 E. 7th St., Ste. 915, Austin).

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TCRP demands verifiable elections

AUSTIN -- The Travis County Republican Party (TCRP) Executive Committee on Nov. 14 unanimously passed a ballot security resolution supporting the purchase of a new Travis County election system that utilizes a paper ballot so that voters may verify their vote and where election results may be manually counted in the event of a recount.   

The resolution, initiated by the TCRP’s recently formed Election Security Committee, highlights that the State Republican Party Platform supports the use of paper ballots. ...

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Welcome to the new Travis GOP website!

Congratulations: You are looking at, not only the new online home of the best county political party in America, but also a multi-functional campaign platform that will help us win elections in Travis County for years to come and make Texas even redder. 

Welcome to our new website, hosted by NationBuilder. We invite you to look around at the new features this site has to offer, which maintains the general look and feel of the older, award-winning website. Enjoy this "soft rollout" and while you're at it, would you mind helping us? You can let us know of any problems you encounter, any misspellings, any missing pages, etc., by emailing our communications director at [email protected]

Thanks for visiting, and we look forward to engaging with you as we elect more Republicans to office in the Austin area.

TCRP Chairman Mackowiak: Dukes Prosecution Fiasco Proves Travis County DA’s Office Has Badly Failed Taxpayers


AUSTIN – Travis County GOP chairman Matt Mackowiak released a statement today following the news that Travis County District Attorney Margaret Moore has dropped 13 felony tampering with a governmental record charges and two misdemeanor abuse of official capacity charges against state Rep. Dawnna Dukes (D-Austin):

“Today’s news that District Attorney Moore is letting Rep. Dukes walk free without even going to trial after indictment for 15 very serious corruption charges is an embarrassment to Travis County and a monumental waste of taxpayer funds by two Democratic District Attorneys. Even with substantial evidence against Rep. Dukes, much of it dutifully generated by news media investigation, the Travis County District attorney's office couldn't even bring a single viable case to court after two years of costly legal maneuvering.

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Travis GOP joins diverse coalition opposing school bonds


AUSTIN -- On the heels of a press conference (pictured) opposing an unnecessary, billion-dollar Austin ISD bond package, the Travis County Executive Committee voted at its October meeting to not only oppose the AISD debt but also two other local school district tax hikes.

Travis County GOP Steering Committee member Don Zimmerman, Outreach Director Mike Lee, and Precinct Chairmen Tori Moreland and James Ritter stood with a diverse coalition with a united mission to expose the AISD bond's flaws. Representatives from the Gray Panthers and LULAC were also present, as well as former Austin City Council and GOP Texas House candidate Michael Cargill.

Below is the pertinent text of each resolution as approved.

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Willett, Ho inspired choices for 5th Circuit


AUSTIN — Travis County GOP chairman Matt Mackowiak released the following statement in response to President Donald Trump nominating Justice Don Willett and James Ho to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals:

"Don Willett and James Ho are inspired choices for federal judicial vacancies and President Trump should be commended for making these appointments. Both of these individuals are proven conservatives. Don Willett has been a sterling Supreme Court Justice, and is well-known to Austin-area Republicans. James Ho was an excellent Solicitor General for our state and is widely respected.

"Conservatives were promised by then-candidate Trump that he would make conservative judicial appointments and President Trump deserves credit for delivering on that promise."


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