Help us focus on winning with No Overhead November

The Travis GOP wants ALL of our general donations in 2020 going to helping Republican candidates achieve victories.

You read that right.

We don't want a single red cent of general donations made in 2020 going toward headquarters rent, staff paychecks, or phone or internet bills. We want everything we raise, aside from recurring donations from our strongest supporters, devoted to the field operations we have planned for next year as well as financial support for our local candidates, in addition to other forms of candidate assistance.

How will we do that? Glad you asked ...

Join our Sustainers program today! By giving, you will be enrolled as a Travis GOP Sustainer, which will offer you many perks throughout the year. Sustainers can use their debit card or bank account to dedicate an amount of their choosing debited from their account to help fund our monthly overhead, via trusted Click here to join!

We recommend thinking of an amount of money you wouldn't miss or notice was missing from your wallet if you were to give it away to a stranger in need: maybe it's $20, maybe it's $200, maybe higher. We have a few Sustainers who give just $5 a month, and that is fine with us. Whatever amount you won't miss, we would gladly put it to great use by empowering and freeing up our staff and office volunteers to organize the biggest ground game and voter outreach Travis County has ever seen for Republican candidates.

Your generosity will go a long way toward putting our focus on winning elections rather than merely staying afloat. Will you help us meet our No Overhead November goal of raising $400 in recurring or monthly donations by Nov. 15?

Thanks for all you do to turn Travis County red!

Click the image above to be taken to our Anedot page, where you can help us meet our monthly overhead in just a few minutes!


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