TCRP Christmas & Appreciation Party

Join us for our annual Travis GOP Christmas Party hosted at Elise and the Honorable Kent Grusendorf's West Austin home. Look for Santa on the balcony.

Not only do we want to celebrate the Christmas season with our Republican friends but we also want to extend our sincerest appreciation to our supporters -- our precinct chairmen, our volunteers, our staff, our donors, our elected officials, and most importantly our voters. If you're a supporter of the Travis GOP in any way you are welcome to this memorable event.

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Sanctuary cities victory: most of law upheld in 5th Circuit

Today's decision to uphold the meat of the Texas anti-sanctuary cities law will have a major impact on Travis County, which thanks to a Democrat monopoly on local leadership, turned the Austin area into a "sanctuary county" where immigration law enforcement is completely arbitrary. But perhaps not for long:

"In a unanimous decision, a three-judge panel of the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals will allow Texas to enforce part of its sanctuary cities law while it appeals a lower court ruling that blocked it from going into effect." 




Chairman's priorities for 2018


In his monthly report, Travis County Republican Party Chairman Matt Mackowiak reviewed his top priorities for the 2018 campaign year at our September executive committee meeting. Below is that portion of his report:


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Speaker election reform resolution passes


The following is the resolution that passed via a show of hands at the September Travis County GOP Executive Committee meeting. It is posted as submitted with no edits. 

Texas Speaker Reform Resolution
Approved Sept. 12, 2017

Resolution concerning Texas House Speaker and reform of Texas Speaker election process:

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How much damage was done by 'Sanctuary County' policy? We intend to find out


Below is the text to our letter to the Travis County Sheriff's Department seeking answers on what effect sanctuary policies has had on the county. This letter invokes the Texas Public Information Act which may be read about here. Your financial support helps us to keep local government accountable.

UPDATE: (7/19/17) Responses so far have been inadequate, as a known Mexican gang member was released. See related press release.

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Travis Republicans support local annexation reform

Resolution to support passage of bills related to annexation reform in the 85th Legislature’s special session

WHEREAS several Travis County communities around Austin are under immediate threat of forced annexation before the next general legislative session, and

WHEREAS SB 715 would have enabled communities the ability to vote to consent to municipal annexation immediately upon the Governor’s signature if it had not been the victim of a filibuster, therefore

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Accountability key to accurate vote counts

Travis County Republican Party Executive Committee
Resolution on Elections Integrity

WHEREAS, non-precinct level voting methods, known as countywide polling/vote centers are being practiced in elections in Texas counties, with Travis County being one of them, and

WHEREAS, Travis County Republican Party has multiple cases pending in which voters are being investigated for voting multiple times in the 2016 General Election in Travis County, and

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Dickey running for state chairman: What this means for the Travis GOP


UPDATE (6/3/17): James wins, 32-31! Resigns as county chairman.

As many of you know, our County Chairman, James Dickey, is pursuing nomination by the State Republican Executive Committee to the Chairmanship of the Republican Party of Texas.

The State Chairman's race began in earnest about two weeks ago when Tom Mechler decided to step down citing personal reasons (see The Travis Tracker for background). Since then, two candidates have emerged: Dickey of Lakeway as well as Rick Figueroa of Brenham.

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Travis Republicans censure Robert Morrow

Whereas, the Travis County Republican Party seeks to raise the level of public debate, and

Therefore, be it resolved, the Travis County Republican Party hereby condemns and disavows all profane and slanderous statements made by newly-elected Travis County Republican Party Chairman Robert Morrow, and

Be it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be sent to all Austin-area media on behalf of Travis County Republicans.

We're bigger than that!


UPDATE: James Dickey has returned to his position as Travis County Republican Party Chairman! 

Our party resources are secure. 

There are more checks and balances in place. 

There are more people involved in the leadership process.

Enthusiasm for the Travis GOP is at a high point.

Our "Bigger Than That" initiative helped turn things around when the international media was ready to dig our grave following the March 1, 2016 Primary! The grassroots leaders of the Travis GOP valiantly stood strongly together against all odds, kept the county party fully functional, and brought back order well-before the General Election. Read more below about the rebuilding of our party finances and our reputation with the community. It's quite a turnaround story.

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