Election results: 2018 General Election

Election Day is here! Have you voted?


Election Day -- Nov. 6, 2018 -- is now upon us. Whether you know exactly who and what you're voting for, or you're still waiting to read more about the candidates and issues on your ballot, the Travis County Republican Party has made it easier than ever for you to make a decision in one of the most important mid-term elections of our time

Below are some helpful resources to print out and take to the voting station or share with neighbors and friends.

Please share the following link with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets: TravisCountyGOPElectionDay.com (or at the direct link: TravisGOP.com/electionday2018).

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Election Night Party to celebrate Austin Republican victories

RSVP and more details: 

The Travis County Republican Party will gather Tuesday evening in anticipation of victories up and down the ballot and in celebration of record GOP turnout in Austin. 
Travis GOP's official Election Night Party is set from 7 to 10 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 6, at Cover-3 (Anderson Lane location), 2700 W. Anderson Lane, No. 202, Austin.
Select candidates and Travis GOP staff will be on-hand for media interviews and analysis of the incoming numbers. Local election results as well as key state and national races will be tracked throughout the evening and electronically displayed.
All are welcome. For any specific accommodations please contact Andy Hogue, Communications Director, at (512) 298-9996 or [email protected].
WHO: Austin-area Republicans excited about change
WHAT: Official Travis County Republican Election Night Party
WHERE: Cover-3, 2700 W. Anderson Lane, Austin
WHEN: 7 to 10 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018
WHY: To celebrate GOP victories up and down the ballot
Contact: (512) 298-9996 or [email protected]

How to vote on local resolutions on the 2018 ballot

While the Travis GOP does not offer vote recommendations on all local ballot items (see all local ballot items here), we do consider resolutions from our Resolutions Committee (and approved by our Executive Committee) that support or oppose certain options.

Below are all of the recommendations the Travis County Republican Party has prepared in advance of the November 2018 general election. Click any item to read more on our 2018 resolutions page (resolutions sorted oldest to newest):


Oppose Proposition A

Oppose Proposition B

Oppose Proposition C

Oppose Proposition D

Oppose Proposition E

Oppose Proposition F

Oppose Proposition G

Support Proposition J (Code Next waiting period and vote)

Support Proposition K (city audit)


Oppose ACC annexation proposition


Oppose bond proposal


*City of Austin propositions H through I are procedural in nature and we recommend they be supported.



Sample ballot
Candidates Flyer to print (similar to above -- 3 to a sheet)
NEW: Vote Recommendations Flyer

Election workers wanted: $10/hour

Our most urgent needs at the moment (10/15/18) are listed above. Can you help?

Having Republican workers present at polling locations across Travis County helps assure fair and impartial elections. Can you spare some time to help with this vital function of what we do as Travis County Republicans?

Those interested should contact Carla at [email protected] ASAP. The pay is $10/hour. Judges and Alternates selected must attend a four-hour training at 5501 Airport Blvd. the week of Oct. 22.  Workers must be registered to vote in Travis County but may work at any precinct (in other words, not just your home precinct). High school students age 16 or older may work as Clerks.

Thank you for making election year 2018 a success!

Precinct Chair Competition 2018

Send in who you register at https://goo.gl/forms/C4zO7zJF2y4Rh98E3

More details to come.

The deadline to register new voters for the November election is Tuesday, Oct. 9.

UPDATE: Contest has ended. Thank you!

Austin premieres 'Gosnell' 10 days before theatrical release

Image may contain: 5 people, people sitting and indoor

UPDATE: Not a bad crowd for a Monday evening! Thanks for getting the word out about the movie Planned Parenthood (quite literally) does not what you to see. "Gosnell" premieres nationwide on Friday, Oct. 12.

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Help us to turn Travis red

UPDATE: (10/31/18) One last chance! An additional Super Saturday block walk has been scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 3. The focus is on Southwest Austin including candidates Chip Roy (Congressional District 21) and Frank Ward (Austin City Council District 8), but participants, as usual, may walk anywhere and promote all our candidates. RSVP and details here


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Wanted: yard space for campaign signs!

UPDATE: Thank you for your interest. We are no longer delivering yard signs. We have a limited supply of certain candidates' signs, stickers, and brochures at headquarters: call (512)302-1776 to arrange a time to visit. 

Your chance to be up close and personal with Sean Spicer


Thank you! We had a fantastic private luncheon at the Headliners Club and a tremendous evening reception, especially with the rain staying away! We had over 150 people in the home of Matt and Suzanne Mackowiak and we sold all 250 books. We pulled this event together in 13 days since our wildly successful Summer Bash with Dinesh D’Souza was held two weeks ago with more than 400 people (!) in attendance. Now on to the November election ...

Click here to see photos of the event.

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