Help wanted for the May 4, 2019 local elections

UPDATE: all positions filled, and many with some good local Republicans. Thank you!

Election Judges, Alternate Judges, and Clerks are wanted for the May 4 election! Can you help?

While the news media is already focussed on the 2020 presidential election, we cannot overlook our LOCAL elections. The next one is scheduled for Saturday, May 4, 2019 (with early voting beginning the day after Easter, April 22 and ending April 30).

Since it is a non-partisan election, Travis GOP may not automatically place workers, but the Travis County Elections Division usually works with us to place our workers (yes, you do get paid!). If you'd like to help please let us know.

Below is an update on this year's elections from the Travis County Clerk's office:

>>Welcome to the 2019 election season.

The Personnel Department will begin recruiting for the May 4 2019 Local Elections on Wednesday, March 20, 2019

New for this Election!

-There will NOT be a Technical Clerk position.

-All workers (including Election Day Clerks) are required to have in–person training.

-New ePollBooks (Replacing the laptop computer for qualifying voters)

-Training is offsite – Church of Christ in Hyde Park

There are 4 Permanent Early Voting Locations and 1 Mobile Team

-Each shift will consist of 4 total workers

o 1 Deputy

o 1 Alternate Deputy

o 2 Clerks

There are only 14 Election Day Sites

- Each site will consist of 4 total workers

o 1 Judge

o 1 Alternate Judge

o 2 Clerks

Important for Election Day Judges – ALL Election Day workers are now required to take in-person training. We will need the Judges to provide us with their CLERKS names- so that we can schedule them for a class. The Judges will have 3 days to provide the Clerks. If we have not received these names with the 3 days, will fill those CLERK Positions.

Peter A. Velasquez, CERA
Elections Management Coordinator
Personnel | Safety Officer|ADA Coordinator
Travis County Clerk
Office: +1 512-854-4859
Mobile: +1 512-214-4460
[email protected]

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