Sheriff's office admits ICE did communicate on criminal background of Mexican gang member

AUSTIN – The Travis County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) released confirmation this afternoon that Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) did provide to TCSO the criminal history of Julio Cesar Mendoza-Caballero, a “Sureños 13” gang member who Sheriff Sally Hernandez released from jail despite a detainer request issued by ICE.

A statement released by the TCSO office said the following:


It has been brought to the attention of TCSO that ICE did in fact send an email at 3:45 pm on June 16, 2017 that provided criminal history information about Julio Cesar Mendoza-Caballero. The message also requested that our decision to decline his ICE Detainer Request be re-considered.

ICE submitted a detainer request for Mendoza-Caballero on June 16, but TCSO denied the request and let Mendoza-Caballero post bond.

This was despite being arrested for the violent crime of “assault with bodily injury” and having a previous stolen firearms conviction on his record.

“The arrogance and incompetence of Sheriff Hernandez and the Travis County Sheriff’s office is simultaneously stunning and deeply troubling,” said Travis County GOP chairman Matt Mackowiak. “Mendoza-Caballero was free in our community for three weeks until ICE agents could locate him and courageously arrest him. This never should have been necessary. Sheriff Hernandez continues to pursue an unwise, dangerous ‘Sanctuary’ policy in Travis County that needlessly threatens public safety. This policy will be illegal in Texas on September 1. How will she ensure this type of ‘clerical error’ does not happen again?”

On June 21, Chairman Mackowiak sent a public information request to TCSO, seeking access to arrest records and ICE detainers requests, and asking questions about why the policy was put in place, how it works, and what it has meant for public safety. TCSO provided a non-responsive letter in response and continues to be cavalier about public safety.

Chairman Mackowiak now is asking Sheriff Hernandez to add the following charges to her list of exceptions: Drug trafficking, crimes against police officers, vehicular homicide, aggravated kidnapping, aggravated robbery, arson, causing serious bodily injury to child, senior citizen or disabled person, trafficking of persons under the age of fourteen, intoxication manslaughter, and manslaughter.

“Sheriff Hernandez needs to decide if she intends to uphold her oath and protect the citizens of Travis County,” said Mackowiak. “Releasing dangerous criminals is a dereliction of duty.”

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