Fund the Police: Tell the Austin City Council we support APD


It may seem unthinkable, but it's happening across the country -- hard Left activists are lobbying city councils to de-fund their police departments. It's in danger of happening in Minneapolis, and we suspect the Austin City Council may be considering it soon. 

Below are some ways you can get involved in supporting our law enforcement community and taking back the streets of Austin! Check this page regularly for details.


It's incredibly important that we contact not just your City Council member but the Mayor's office and all other city council offices. Even if you don't live in Austin, tell them you do business in the city and wish to see it safer for all who live, work, and play in Austin, as well as visit the Texas Capitol to be represented as citizens. A full list of contact details is below.


Let your Facebook and Twitter friends know, but don't neglect neighborhood forums such as NextDoor! 

We'll have sample text you can share on your social media accounts soon.


Archive of our LIVE video from Monday, June 8:

Posted by Travis County Republican Party on Monday, June 8, 2020


An important message from our Chairman:

>>Dear fellow Travis County Republican -

This is an urgent request.

Today the City Council will hear testimony that is critical of our Austin Police Department as radical organizations like the Democratic Socialists of America and the Austin Justice Coalition are pushing an outrageous proposal to 'defund the police'.

In light of the senseless killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, there has been renewed debate about police reform in our country. Debating police tactics and advancing solutions is productive. Peaceful protests are in the finest tradition of America.

But over the past week, we have seen looting, riots, obstructed highways and vandalism across our city.

The Austin Police Department is the only thing that stands between Austin residents and absolute anarchy in our city.

The simple fact is that we have a Mayor and City Council who work to undermine our law enforcement at every opportunity.

They are now considering gutting the police budget, cutting the size of police cadet classes, and they continue to constantly criticize Police Chief 
Brian Manley.

I want to ask all Republicans to support our police.

We must:

1. Advocate strongly for Chief Brian Manley and the continuation of his leadership at APD
2. Advocate strongly for the Public Safety budget with the hope of avoiding any budget cuts
3. Advocate strongly for the July APD Class of Cadets which will provide much needed relief for the existing force

Most importantly, please express your ADAMANT OPPOSITION to any effort to defund our police.

There are two important ways to express your support.

1. Call and email the Austin City Council today. It is very important. See below for emails and phone numbers.

2. Complete
 this survey for the city about the city budget. Please support a fully funded police department.

Today's special meeting of the City Council begins at 3pm at City Hall. Please attend if you can, or watch online or on local TV. The meeting agenda can be found here.

Our police are there for us. It is time that we be there for them.


Matt Mackowiak,

Chairman, Travis County Republican Party


Mayor Stephen Adler


 [email protected]


District 1 Council Member Natasha Harper-Madison


[email protected]


District 2 Council Member Delia Garza


[email protected]


District 3 Council Member Sabino "Pio" Renteria


[email protected]


District 4 Council Member Gregorio "Greg" Casar


[email protected]


District 5 Council Member Ann Kitchen


[email protected]


District 6 Council Member Jimmy Flannigan


[email protected]


District 7 Council Member Leslie Pool


[email protected]


District 8 Council Member Paige Ellis


[email protected]


District 9 Council Member Kathie Tovo


[email protected]


District 10 Council Member Alison Alter


[email protected]




Austin city council district map - Map of Austin city council ...

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  • Daniel Vasquez
    commented 2020-06-17 19:15:53 -0500
    Nearly every social media platform and 99% of news media outlets are putting you guys in an extremely negative light day after day. If the city council/mayor/governor aren’t going to support the police in any capacity, then you should stop enforcing their lockdown policies and start letting your supporters get back to work, church, sporting events, and if need be, organizing in support of political change. That’s your baseline support and they need to be able to get together to replenish badly damaged morale, and to let them physically see you guys in person and remind them why they need you face to face. They are not seeing it through their computer and television screens. COVID be dammed, because the negative consequences of locking down are now exceeding the benefits, especially with treatments and possible cures around the corner. You might take some flack for it, especially in the news, but at this point, that’s inevitable anyway. It is actually impossible to do the job that you do without the application of force, and every time you do it, it is going to be broadcast and vilified nation and world wide, and every time this happens, it is a fresh log on a blazing bonfire in the night, attracting thugs and extremists far and wide, even from out of state, in some cases. Right now, the loudest and scariest voices are the ones dominating the conversation, but the vast and currently silent majority will respect your strength for defying the tyrannical legislature we find ourselves seemingly stuck with. If you make a stand we will stand with you. It’s time to bite the bullet, draw our lines, gain herd immunity, and regain our ability to assemble. Our very lives and livelihoods may be at stake if we do not.