Austin's latest Sanctuary City stunt to cost taxpayers, put citizens at risk

AUSTIN -- The City of Austin's latest use of taxpayer resources to protest the Trump Administration, Gov. Greg Abbott, and the will of the voters of Texas is not only an exercise in futility but a risky policy that puts Austinites in danger.
The Austin City Council last week approved two so-called "Freedom City" resolutions which defy Gov. Abbott's and the Texas Legislature's ban on sanctuary cities. The resolutions instruct Austin Police Department personnel to refrain from arresting members of racial minority groups for drug possession and theft. The thought behind the new law, according to radical leftist Austin City Council member Greg Casar, is to keep more illegal immigrants out of jail.
The newly approved resolutions further require APD officials to slow down requests from federal immigration authorities by adding unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles. This comes as no surprise as Austin has been, at city taxpayers' expense, suing the federal government to overturn portions of Senate Bill 4 (last year's legislative bill banning Sanctuary Cities).
"How many lives will be put at risk and how much will be spent on futile lawsuits before the Texas Legislature meets to shut down this ill-conceived City of Austin policy?" said Matt Mackowiak, Chairman of the Travis County Republican Party. "Our safety must come before political posturing. We call upon Council member Greg Casar and other supporters of this impractical policy to work to come up with a more realistic, less costly solution which does not tie the hands of our law enforcement community and which respects the rule of law."
The mission of the Travis County Republican Party is to elect more Republicans and support conservative principles in Austin and Travis County. For more information visit
CORRECTION: A previous version reported that the City Council unanimously approved the resolutions. City Council member Ellen Troxclair told us she did not vote for the resolutions as she is on maternity leave and was not present for that particular vote. The word "unanimous" has been removed.

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