Dickey running for state chairman: What this means for the Travis GOP


UPDATE (6/3/17): James wins, 32-31! Resigns as county chairman.

As many of you know, our County Chairman, James Dickey, is pursuing nomination by the State Republican Executive Committee to the Chairmanship of the Republican Party of Texas.

The State Chairman's race began in earnest about two weeks ago when Tom Mechler decided to step down citing personal reasons (see The Travis Tracker for background). Since then, two candidates have emerged: Dickey of Lakeway as well as Rick Figueroa of Brenham.

Dickey has signaled his intention to remain County Chairman should he not secure the nomination on Saturday, June 3. Should he win, Dickey wanted to reassure the grassroots of the Travis GOP the local party is in good hands. He writes:

"I have spoken with many of you but due to the sudden announcement and short timeframe I could not reach everyone. I could only consider accepting the challenge of RPT's sudden need because I know what great shape TCRP is in. Financially, staff-wise, and in terms of you: the critical volunteer core of Precinct Chairs, committee members, and Steering Committee members, it is a solid platform that will support whoever serves as County Chair." --James Dickey, Chairman, Travis County Republican Party.

We have no doubt of that Mr. Dickey, and your staff and volunteers wish you well!

Many of you have asked how you can get involved in the race. Below are some resources and a few opportunities. As always, we will keep our Events calendar updated with any forums, mixers, or other opportunities.

James Dickey for RPT Chairman Facebook: 

Rick Figueroa for Texas Facebook: 

James Dickey campaign website (with contact info):

Rick Figueroa campaign webiste (with contact info):

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