Chairman's priorities for 2018


In his monthly report, Travis County Republican Party Chairman Matt Mackowiak reviewed his top priorities for the 2018 campaign year at our September executive committee meeting. Below is that portion of his report:



> Hold the Offices We Currently Have: Once the primary is over (we are neutral in primaries), we will work to ensure that we do not lose the offices we currently hold:

1. Hold the Offices We Currently Have
2. 3rd Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 2 (Bourland)
3. 3rd Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 3 (Field)
4. 3rd Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 5 (Puryear)
5. 3rd Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 6 (Pemberton)
6. Congressional District 10 (McCaul)
7. Congressional District 17 (Flores)
8. Congressional District 21 (Smith)
9. Congressional District 25 (Williams)
10. Texas House District 47 (Workman)
11. Austin City Council District 8 (Troxclair)

> Target Competitive General Elections: We have a couple particular offices we are looking at right now and will always look to pickup additional seats in Travis County whenever we can.

> Recruit Candidates for as Many Offices as Possible: Last night I appointed and the EC approved the creation of the Candidate Recruitment Committee, and it will begin with Roger Borgelt, Beth Cubriel and Mike Goldman.

> Increase Travis County GOP primary turnout: Our turnout in the last non-presidential year (2014) was 22,585. We want to significantly improve upon that.

> Increase the Number of Precinct Chairs: We currently have 115 of 247 precincts with a Precinct Chair. We will work to hopefully get to 150 by Jan. 1. Click here to see a map of Austin and which precincts are currently vacant. As of today, we have 115 precincts filled, out of 247. Find information about how to apply as a precinct chairman here.

> Revamp TCRP Committees: Last night we solicited committee interest from our EC members and for the Oct. 10 meeting I will propose new committee membership for approval. We want to expand the opportunities that every Republican in Travis County has to increase involvement.

> Upgrade Website and Data Management: We are migrating over to Nation Builder and will have the new website complete in the next 4-6 weeks. Nation Builder is going to give us a wide range of new capabilities.

> Continue Strong Financial Position: My goal is to end this year with $50,000 in the bank and to again achieve $100,000 in revenue next year. We are exploring additional fundraising events and plan to launch a small dollar donor program and a Sustaining Donor program by Jan. 1.

These are tactics and actions that we will be taking as an organization.

I have three enduring missions as your TCRP Chairman:

1. Advance Conservatism - We will continue to do this through earned media, social media, and through highlighting issues like Sanctuary Cities.

2. Grow the Party - We will increase engagement and continue our sustained minority outreach.

3. Fight for Fiscal Sanity - We will fight irresponsible bond proposals, tax swap proposals, tax increases and pressure the City Council to follow through on their promise to increase the Homestead Exemption from 8 percent to 20 percent as they promised last year.

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