Travis Republicans support local annexation reform

Resolution to support passage of bills related to annexation reform in the 85th Legislature’s special session

WHEREAS several Travis County communities around Austin are under immediate threat of forced annexation before the next general legislative session, and

WHEREAS SB 715 would have enabled communities the ability to vote to consent to municipal annexation immediately upon the Governor’s signature if it had not been the victim of a filibuster, therefore


BE IT RESOLVED that the Travis County Republican Party encourages the Texas State Legislature to pass an annexation reform bill similar to SB 715 that was filed in the general session in the upcoming special session. This will ensure that the rights of Texas property owners are protected as indicated in the 2016 Texas Republican Party Platform Plank # 37 and Legislative Priority # 5 by requiring consent of residents before an extraterritorial community is annexed by municipalities. TCRP will communicate this resolution in writing to legislators and to local and statewide media expressing the urgent need for its passage.

Submitted to the Travis County Resolutions Committee by Summer Wise, 06/05/2017

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