Accountability key to accurate vote counts

Travis County Republican Party Executive Committee
Resolution on Elections Integrity

WHEREAS, non-precinct level voting methods, known as countywide polling/vote centers are being practiced in elections in Texas counties, with Travis County being one of them, and

WHEREAS, Travis County Republican Party has multiple cases pending in which voters are being investigated for voting multiple times in the 2016 General Election in Travis County, and


WHEREAS, the 2016 Texas Republican Party Platform Plank #59 states opposition to countywide polling due to heightened potential for fraud, and

WHEREAS, the Travis County Republican Party supports returning to precinct level voting to ensure accountability for voters, to empower election judges to better secure the integrity of vote, and ensure one voter equals one vote.

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Travis County Republican Party urges the abandonment of said countywide voting methods, in favor of and returning to more accountable precinct level methods, in any and all Travis County elections, and in other Texas counties, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that Travis County Republican Party communicate said resolution to all members of the Austin City Council, the Travis County Commissioner’s Court, the Travis County Clerk, the Texas Secretary of State, Texas Governor, Texas Attorney General, Texas Lt. Governor and Speaker of the House, and all state representatives and senators, including posting this resolution on its website and in a press release.

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