Precinct Convention Locations Announced for 2018!


For a complete list of Precinct Convention times and locations for March 10, 2018, please click here.

Travis GOP will have precinct conventions on the Saturday following the Primary election rather than on the night of the election.

Official precinct convention notices should be posted to the door or main entrance of your precinct's voting location on primary election night. The list is posted here as a courtesy and we will do our best to make sure it is accurate. Please check with your precinct chairman (click here for directory) if you have any questions. If your precinct does not have a chairman your default location will be Central Texas Gun Works (please check the locations link above for address and exact times). 

For more information on the convention process -- including what it means to be a precinct, county, SD, or state delegate, and plans being made to host the biennial county convention -- please see our Travis GOP Conventions site. 

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