Give taxpayers the power to tap brakes on runaway property taxes!

Families and businesses continually being run out of Austin by high property tax burdens is a major concern for Travis County Republicans, who are now firmly standing with state legislative leaders to empower the taxpayers.

If passed by the Texas Legislature this session, House Bill 2 would require voter approval for local property tax hikes that represent a 2.5 percent increase.

"Property taxes in Travis County are unsustainable, and Travis County voters deserve more tools to protect themselves from the runaway taxes and spending of local government," a resolution passed unanimously on Tuesday said. "... the Travis County Republican Party encourages all legislators to support a 2.5 percent rollback trigger and resist efforts to raise that trigger or otherwise make it easier to raise property taxes."

Plank 162 of the Texas Republican platform supports the concept of a rollback trigger election.

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