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In recent years, the Travis County Republican Party has become more involved in taking a stand on the issues -- particularly on important local matters such as school bond packages and calls for censure against corrupt public officials. 

We will begin collecting our resolutions on this page. In the meantime, see http://www.travisgop.com/news for previous resolutions (written as blog posts) and also http://www.travisgop.com/press_releases (in the form of press releases).

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Original Election Returns/Results Tapes (approved Feb. 12, 2018)

Whereas, the Texas Election Code Chapter 66 defines provisions for “Disposition of records and
supplies after election.”

Whereas, the Texas Election Code § 66.021 mandates “the presiding judge shall assemble the
precinct election records and place them in the appropriate envelopes and ballot boxes for
distribution [and] the judge shall seal envelopes no. 1, no. 2, and no. 4 and lock ballot boxes no. 3
and no. 4 as soon as they are ready for distribution.” (emphasis added)

Whereas, Texas Election Code § 66.022 mandates the “Contents of Envelope No. 1 must contain:
(1) the original of the election returns for the precinct.” (emphasis added)

Whereas, because of countywide polling locations (vote centers), the Travis County Republican
Party election judges have been historically instructed by Travis County Elections to “Do not
print the Tally,” - the original election returns (Tally Tapes/Results Tapes) - before the voting
equipment leaves the polling locations.

Whereas, the original election returns and integrity of the election results are of a concern to the
Travis County Republican Party.

Be it Resolved, the Travis County Republican Party (TCRP) urge that the chain of custody of
original election returns be preserved by urging the County Clerk shall print all JBC original
election returns for the countywide polling locations (Tally Tapes/Result Tapes) at the Central
Counting Station before the JBCs are connected to a secondary computer or server, such as
Servo (the main backup system of the Hart InterCivic voting system).

Be it Further Resolved, the Party requires this printing to take place no later than March 7th
at central count prior to the JBC's chain of custody being in question,

Be it Further Resolved, if the printing incurs reasonable and necessary costs, then TCRP will be
responsible for any non-reimbursable costs.

Be it Further Resolved, that County Republican Party communicate said resolution to all
members of the County Commissioner’s Court, the Travis County District Attorney, County
Election Commission members, the County Clerk, the Texas Attorney General, the Texas
Secretary of State, Texas Governor, Texas Lt. Governor and Speaker of the House, and all other
State Representatives and Senators, including posting this resolution on its website and in a
press release.

Election Integrity for 2018 Primary (approved Feb. 13, 2018)

Be it resolved, the Travis County Republican Party Executive Committee requests for the TCRP
Chairman, Matt Mackowiak, to work with Travis County Elections Division to implement the
election integrity measures recommended in the recently adopted resolution for the Travis
County Republican Primary election, on March 6, 2018

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