2017: What a year!

As we come to the end of 2017, it strikes me that we have had quite a year!
Here's a quick summary:


> Gary Teal appointed TCRP Executive Director.
> Tracey Carroll appointed Deputy Executive Director.


> The annual TCRP Reagan Gala was held, featuring U.S. Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) and Land Commissioner George P. Bush, with 200+ people attending and resulting in a net profit of over $60,000.


> James Dickey elected Republican Party of Texas chairman (for unexpired term, ending in 2018)
> Matt Mackowiak elected TCRP chairman (for unexpired term, ending June 2018).


> 1st ever Summer Bash with Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick with 300 tickets sold and 280+ people in attendance.
> TCRP hits $100,000 annual revenue goal.


> First TCRP-sponsored Abbott University training held (on a thunderous and rainy night!), resulting in more than 25 volunteers trained.
> Patrick McGuinness appointed TCRP Executive Vice Chair.


> TCRP moves into an expanded office on the same floor of our current building, to allow the party and the primary operations to be co-located (saving us money).
Michael Morris appointed Primary Administrator.
> TCRP expanded to ten full committees and approved the appointment of committee chairs.
> Second Abbott University training held, resulting in more than 20 volunteers trained.


> Joint 2018 Senate District Convention date and location was confirmed and announced - the earliest this has ever been done (SD 14, 21, 24 and 25, Saturday, Mar. 24, East Austin College Prep., 5800 E. MLK Blvd). Sponsorship info here!

> Our new website is unveiled on the NationBuilder platform -- TravisGOP.com.


> The annual TCRP Christmas Party was held at the home of Kent & Elise Grusendorf with over 150 people in attendance, including 16 elected officials and candidates (resulting in 150+ pounds of food and $250 donated to the Central Texas Food Bank).
> TCRP Chairman's Circle announced (see below for details).
> The primary ballot draw was held for all contested races in Travis County.
> TCRP's chairman, executive vice chairman, executive director, deputy executive director and communications director hold a planning meeting for 2018.



Can you help?

Please consider making a year-end contribution to the Travis County GOP here.

Any gift you can make will help us grow the party, elect more Republicans and advance conservatism in 2018.

Thank you!
Matt Mackowiak, 
Travis County Republican Party

Filing deadline for the 2018 Primary

The candidate filing deadline for the 2018 primary is6 p.m., Dec. 11, at Travis GOP Headquarters, 9420 Research Blvd.
Echelon III, Suite 200 – 2J, Austin. Headquarters will be open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information contact Michael Morris, Secretary, at (512)302-1776. More information for prospective candidates may be found here: http://www.travisgop.com/run_for_office

Official notice ...

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Travis GOP demands verifiable elections

The Travis County Republican Party (TCRP) Executive Committee on November 14th unanimously passed a ballot security resolution supporting the purchase of a new Travis County election system that utilizes a paper ballot so that voters may verify their vote and where election results may be manually counted in the event of a recount.

The resolution, initiated by the TCRP’s recently formed Election Security Committee, highlights that the state Republican Party Platform supports the use of paper ballots.

This TCRP resolution is right on the mark. In early November, the Travis County Elections office published a detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) for vendors to submit their next generation election systems. Travis County Clerk, Dana DeBeauvoir, has made it clear that the new election system must provide, “better security and a paper trail.”

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TCRP Christmas & Appreciation Party

Join us for our annual Travis GOP Christmas Party hosted at Elise and the Honorable Kent Grusendorf's West Austin home. Look for Santa on the balcony.

Not only do we want to celebrate the Christmas season with our Republican friends but we also want to extend our sincerest appreciation to our supporters -- our precinct chairmen, our volunteers, our staff, our donors, our elected officials, and most importantly our voters. If you're a supporter of the Travis GOP in any way you are welcome to this memorable event.

RSVP and learn more: TCRPChristmas.eventbrite.com


Sanctuary cities victory: most of law upheld in 5th Circuit

Today's decision to uphold the meat of the Texas anti-sanctuary cities law will have a major impact on Travis County, which thanks to a Democrat monopoly on local leadership, turned the Austin area into a "sanctuary county" where immigration law enforcement is completely arbitrary. But perhaps not for long:

"In a unanimous decision, a three-judge panel of the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals will allow Texas to enforce part of its sanctuary cities law while it appeals a lower court ruling that blocked it from going into effect." 

MORE: http://kxan.com/2017/09/25/ruling-allows-part-of-texas-sanctuary-cities-bill-to-go-into-effect



Chairman's priorities for 2018


In his monthly report, Travis County Republican Party Chairman Matt Mackowiak reviewed his top priorities for the 2018 campaign year at our September executive committee meeting. Below is that portion of his report:


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Speaker election reform resolution passes


The following is the resolution that passed via a show of hands at the September Travis County GOP Executive Committee meeting. It is posted as submitted with no edits. 

Texas Speaker Reform Resolution
Approved Sept. 12, 2017

Resolution concerning Texas House Speaker and reform of Texas Speaker election process:

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How much damage was done by 'Sanctuary County' policy? We intend to find out


Below is the text to our letter to the Travis County Sheriff's Department seeking answers on what effect sanctuary policies has had on the county. This letter invokes the Texas Public Information Act which may be read about here. Your financial support helps us to keep local government accountable.

UPDATE: (7/19/17) Responses so far have been inadequate, as a known Mexican gang member was released. See related press release.

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Travis Republicans support local annexation reform

Resolution to support passage of bills related to annexation reform in the 85th Legislature’s special session

WHEREAS several Travis County communities around Austin are under immediate threat of forced annexation before the next general legislative session, and

WHEREAS SB 715 would have enabled communities the ability to vote to consent to municipal annexation immediately upon the Governor’s signature if it had not been the victim of a filibuster, therefore

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Accountability key to accurate vote counts

Travis County Republican Party Executive Committee
Resolution on Elections Integrity

WHEREAS, non-precinct level voting methods, known as countywide polling/vote centers are being practiced in elections in Texas counties, with Travis County being one of them, and

WHEREAS, Travis County Republican Party has multiple cases pending in which voters are being investigated for voting multiple times in the 2016 General Election in Travis County, and

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