Defend election integrity: Be a poll worker!

Republican candidates are working hard to get themselves elected and bring us the government we deserve. Your candidates and your community benefit from your presence and energy.

This is why the Travis County GOP and the Republican Party of Texas are asking you to volunteer today to be a poll watcher during Early Voting or on Election Day. Your participation is vital to the integrity and security of the election. We look forward to having you on the team.

The state party will provide you the materials and support required to be an effective defender of election integrity. Are you interested? Click the link below:

Volunteer as a Poll Watcher or Election Worker

The 2020 Presidential Election begins NOW!

We're excited to announce that the ballots are ready, the polling places are open, and the 2020 Travis County Republican slate of candidates await your vote! 

The General Election is Nov. 3, 2020, with extended early voting from Oct. 13-30.

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Get to know the 2020 Travis GOP Slate

Click here or the image above for links to each of our exciting candidates' websites or social media pages. There will be no straight-ticket option this year so please familiarize yourself with all of these candidates -- we stand by each of them. Drop them a line to offer some help or make a donation -- they will be glad to hear from you!

Thank you to our 2020 Reagan Gala sponsors





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Austin Republicans call on party leaders to stand firm against violence, vandalism

While still strongly supporting First Amendment freedoms, Republicans nationwide are calling on elected officials to condemn the violent crime that has regrettably become associated with recent racial justice protests.

sirens.jpgThe Travis County Republican Party approved a resolution at its 2020-21 organizational meeting this week joining a growing number of Republican organizations calling for GOP activists, party officials, and government officials to 1) condemn terrorist-like actions, 2) support the immediate arrest and prosecution of violent protesters, and 3) demand law enforcement be adequately funded despite calls by radical leftists to defund the police.

"Visitors to Austin should not have to fear for their lives just blocks away from their state capitol, and Austinites should not have to look behind their backs every time they go downtown," said Matt Mackowiak, Travis County Republican Party Chairman. "We as Republicans continue to commend our local, county, and state law enforcement for their tremendous effort keeping weekend protests safe and urge that the Austin City Council maintain full funding for the Austin Police Department. We believe a majority of voters support us in this call and urge Republican leaders at all levels to take a stand for law and order."

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2020 Primary Election results

July 14, 2020 (early voting June 29 through July 10)

✔️ = projected winner

✔️ Pete Sessions
Renee Swann


✔️ Lani Popp
Robert Morrow (TCRP recommends not voting for)

✔️ Justin Berry
Jennifer Fleck


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Let's replace Kirk Watson with a Republican!

Don Zimmerman is the leading Republican running in the Senate District 14 Special Election. He's a proven conservative, having represented taxpayers from his local MUD board to Austin City Hall. Let's send Don to the Texas Capitol to replace outgoing liberal Sen. Kirk Watson! 

Ultra-liberal Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt and far-left legislator Rep. Eddie Rodriguez are in the running. Help Don Zimmerman make the runoff and turn Austin's biggest Senate District red! 

Upcoming events:


How else can I help?

Advertising isn't cheap, so every dollar counts. Give today at

Watch for other opportunities at

How do I vote?

See if you're eligible to vote in SD 14 by finding your state Senate district at

Early voting begins Monday, June 29 and ends Friday, July 10. Election day coincides with the Primary Runoff on Tuesday, July 14. If no candidates get more than 50% of the vote it goes to a special election runoff later in the fall to be called by the Governor.  

Fund the Police: Tell the Austin City Council we support APD


It may seem unthinkable, but it's happening across the country -- hard Left activists are lobbying city councils to de-fund their police departments. It's in danger of happening in Minneapolis, and we suspect the Austin City Council may be considering it soon. 

Below are some ways you can get involved in supporting our law enforcement community and taking back the streets of Austin! Check this page regularly for details.


It's incredibly important that we contact not just your City Council member but the Mayor's office and all other city council offices. Even if you don't live in Austin, tell them you do business in the city and wish to see it safer for all who live, work, and play in Austin, as well as visit the Texas Capitol to be represented as citizens. A full list of contact details is below.


Let your Facebook and Twitter friends know, but don't neglect neighborhood forums such as NextDoor! 

We'll have sample text you can share on your social media accounts soon.


Archive of our LIVE video from Monday, June 8:

Posted by Travis County Republican Party on Monday, June 8, 2020


An important message from our Chairman:

>>Dear fellow Travis County Republican -

This is an urgent request.

Today the City Council will hear testimony that is critical of our Austin Police Department as radical organizations like the Democratic Socialists of America and the Austin Justice Coalition are pushing an outrageous proposal to 'defund the police'.

In light of the senseless killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, there has been renewed debate about police reform in our country. Debating police tactics and advancing solutions is productive. Peaceful protests are in the finest tradition of America.

But over the past week, we have seen looting, riots, obstructed highways and vandalism across our city.

The Austin Police Department is the only thing that stands between Austin residents and absolute anarchy in our city.

The simple fact is that we have a Mayor and City Council who work to undermine our law enforcement at every opportunity.

They are now considering gutting the police budget, cutting the size of police cadet classes, and they continue to constantly criticize Police Chief 
Brian Manley.

I want to ask all Republicans to support our police.

We must:

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Reagan Gala to feature U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw!

Get your tickets now, reserve a table, sponsor the event,
or see online auction items at!


Tailgating TCRP-style! Conventions set to reconvene

SD 14 Temporary Chairman Olga Lasher says convention can wait from the 'gate!

In order to comply with city, county, and state orders to contain coronavirus/COVID-19, the temporary chairmen of each Senatorial District convention in Travis County got resourceful.

Utilizing a pickup tailgate in the parking lot of Great Hills Baptist Church, each chairman quickly called their respective conventions to order and reconvened.

UPDATE: since county and city regulations still discourage gathering in large numbers, temporary convention chairmen will again meet briefly on May 30. No delegates or alternates are required to attend. The final convention date, and any updates on committee meetings and other business before the county convention will be announced here. We are currently looking at Saturday, June 27, 2020, as a likely date for the full convention.

The reason this is having to be done: orders to limit public gatherings to 10 persons or less happened within the time-frame required to announce the convention. So the previously ordered time and location had to be used. Since Great Hills was closed, Austinites did what we know how to do well during college football season and we tailgated it in the parking lot. 

Watch a video of the tailgate convention adjournment here via Facebook.

It's not the first time we've used a tailgate for county convention. In 2012, Senatorial District 14 expended its allotted time in Hyde Park Baptist Church's sanctuary with plenty of business left to cover. Chairman Bill Crocker moved the convention to the church's parking garage, where business took place until late in the evening by use of a megaphone and a tailgate.

Below are some photos of the reconvening tailgate party!

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