Everything you need to know about voting in the 2018 general election (and runoff!)

Runoff election day; Tuesday, Dec. 11.
(Early voting Thursday, Nov. 29, through Friday, Dec. 7.)

It's ok to ask for help voting. (Really, it is.)

With so many candidates and local bond proposals on the Nov. 6 ballot, it's perfectly understandable to feel a little overwhelmed.

Fortunately, the Travis County Elections Division has you covered. They have this handy feature called Voter Information at a Glance (http://www.votetravis.com/vexpress/display.do) where you can plug in your contact information to learn more. There, you can access your voting precinct number and see which races/options will appear on your ballot. The website can also help you find your polling location (even wait times), your status as a Travis County voter, and all you need to know about voter ID.

If you encounter any difficulties while voting or have any questions we advise you to contact the Travis County Elections Division (the Travis County Republican Party does not run this election): 

(512) 238-VOTE (24-hour automated voice-response system)
(512) 854-4996


Frequently asked questions ...

AM I ELIGIBLE? Click on the links above to find out. If there is any question to your voting status request what's known as a "limited ballot" (or "provisional ballot") and fill it out. 

WHO DO I VOTE FOR? Naturally, we endorse all candidates running as a Republican! Learn more about them here. Or see vote recommendation list above.

WHAT DO I VOTE FOR? This year we have issued several statements for and against certain local propositions. See them here. Or see vote recommendation list above.

WHEN/WHERE DO I VOTE? The Travis County Clerk website has up-to-date information here. (You can vote at any location in Travis County.) See locations below.

WHAT IF I'M NOT GETTING AN ANSWER? If you encounter any problems please give us a call at (512)302-1776 and we'll see what we can do.



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