Serve on a Committee

Committees are how business gets done in the Travis GOP. If you would like to be where the action is please consider contacting one of the committee chairmen below and ask how you can lend your time and talents to help elect Republicans in Travis County.

Candidate Recruitment: Beth Cubriel (Email)

Election Assistance: Bill Worsham (Email)

Election Integrity: Laura Pressley (Email)

Finance: Cornelia Foster Wood (Email)

Nominations: Robert Shirley (Email)

Outreach: Nubia Devine (Email)

Precinct Chair Training: Brendan Steinhauser (Email)

Precinct / Senate District Convention Planning: Olga Lasher (Email)

Resolutions: Jerri Lynn Ward (Email)

Rules: Bill Crocker (Email)

Local Ballot Issues: Don Zimmerman (Email)

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